Attention: If You are Going to Learn How to Survive in Any Federal or State Prison or Other Department of Corrections Facility... You Must Read This...

"Are You Going To Prison or Jail?
Are You Worried About How
You will Survive in Prison
Among the Convicted Murderers,
Thieves and Rapists?"

"New Tell-All about the prison system, how it works and how
to keep your body and mind as safe as if you were back home"...

From: Peter Maxwell

I f you are headed to prison or jail and are uncertain about what happens to you as an inmate from day one till you're short to the door - or are possibly worried the system may have overlooked you and judged you unfairly in your PSI Report (what's a PSI Report?? you BETTER find out!), this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

Violence in Prison Happens Every Day

It happens every day...
In every prison...

Overworked Guards With Little Patience and Too Many Clients...

You Do The Math...

Are You A Family Member With A Loved One In Prison? Are You Looking For Answers On How To Cope or Wonder What They Are Going Through and Not Telling You?

Let me tell you why I wrote “How To Survive in Prison” ...

My name is Peter Maxwell, and a long time ago I did something really, really stupid. Being young and reckless (weren't we all) I committed a crime... little did I know that the ignorant, non-violent act was a felony. Funny as it was at the time, yes there was a crowd, and yes we were having a good time, the local police didn't think it was very funny.

So there I sat in a county cell thinking it was all a bad dream and they would let me out soon... just to teach me a lesson. Then it became a nightmare and I desperately believed that the powers that be would come to their senses and just let me go with a slap on the wrist and probation... after all, I was a nice guy... this was not to be...

My family was poor and we couldn't hire an attorney - so a public defender represented me. For me, this was another bad decision. While I am sure he was a great guy outside the courts, inside the courtroom and back office meetings, he was all about the numbers.

A couple of older convicts who were waiting for trial told me what to do... I should have listened to them, not my court appointed attorney!

What I realized after I sat in my new Department of Corrections ( DOC ) home was that these guys for some reason took me under their wing. Only now do I realize WHY they did it. They treated me not as an equal (you better RESPECT convicts inside), but could sense I was ok and not some dopey white kid from the 'burbs.

What had I done to gain their trust...?? Well the answer is easier than you think. I simply followed one of the most important golden rules , and didn't even know I was doing it.

Its Like The First Day At A New School
People Staring, Pointing, Whispering, Shouting...

... then there is the screaming, crying, & arguing.
and It Becomes Unlike Any Place You Have Ever Been

The day I was arrested: So there I sat. The loud clang of the doors. Screams and people crying... lights would never turn off.

I felt like the world was crashing down on me. Cops are asking me questions, making me sign forms, photographing me and worse yet.. the strip search. I had no direction and no way out and should have kept my mouth firmly shut...

I remember that time vividly - the loneliest feeling in the world. Now, what and who prompted me to write this book? The millions of other people thrown into a system they know nothing about. So one day I sat down and thought that if I could do things over and if it was to happen to me again:

  • What would I do different?
  • What questions would I have?
  • What Would I do With The Answers?

I then started a little list...
I called it the "Fresh Fish List"

Here is my "Fish List" of what I DIDN'T WANT to happen to me while in prison:

I DON'T WANT to get picked on, beaten up, ganged up on
or sexually assaulted... ever!
I don't want the embarrassment of someone looking me up on an "inmate locator"
I DON'T WANT to be someone's bitch...
I don't want to worry about my girlfriend or wife finding another lover (or if female... vice versa)
I DON'T WANT to go to sleep worrying about my cellmate
I don't want something on my record that someone might see
I DON'T WANT to have to look over my shoulder 24/7
I don't want to spend time more away from my family than I
was originally sentenced to
I DON'T WANT my wife and kids to visit me in prison and
see bruises on my face

As you can see, my list of "Don't Wants" is really long...
Then, I put together my list of what I DID WANT:

I WANT TO survive mentally and physically!
I want the courts to look at my Pre-Sentence Investigation report (PSI) and be lenient
I WANT TO be able to talk to whoever I want without
fear of a beating, stabbing or other retribution
I want to do my time in peace and quiet
I WANT TO be able to walk onto the yard and not have to worry about anyone, ever!
I want to be able to go to chow, the rec room, sleep
or do what I want without being harassed!
I WANT TO know what to do and how to handle myself BEFORE I surrender and go in!

So I set a goal for myself. I was going to answer all of those questions about my WANTS, write this book and give it away to those in need. SO I stopped making excuses for my actions and actually started to do something about my life... this time I didn't quit until it was done!

I wrote the book, and gave it to my probation officer to give out to his parolees. You see, the book started out as a guide on what to do when you "get out of prison". But the book began to grow as I answered questions on how to survive prison first.

141 Pages of Facts and Life Saving Tips
For when you Go IN and When You Get OUT...

      GOING IN >>> You MUST KNOW who to avoid and who to pal around with!
      GETTING OUT < You MUST KNOW who to avoid and who to pal around with!

I am here to give you the HONEST truth about what it's like; how to survive prison with your body and soul intact - then, once you're out - follow my guide and stay straight. I can't think of anybody who has been able to teach you what you're about to learn inside "How To Survive in Prison".

This is one of the only prison survival training programs in the world of it's kind that is designed to do one thing and one thing only:

Teach You How to Stay Safe In Federal Prison,
State Prison or even County Jail ---

   You will get to read firsthand what incarceration is like...

     Your first day of incarceration and what to expect.
     You will realize you still have rights as a citizen
     You will be stronger going in than most new inmates
     You'll discover ways to shorten your stay with a good PSI or Good Time
     You will be given full access to all my info plus the bonus material
  You'll still have fears about your future... but with the help of
  this manual I'll silence some of those fears

Everything inside "Survive Prison" is easy to read and I've broken it down into easy-to-follow chapters that really break down the things you need to learn every step of the way.

You Control Your Destiny!

You are the commander of your destiny - don't leave it up to beauracrats, blowhards and bigwigs just looking for an easy sentence to add you as a notch on their political belt - you will be fighting for your life and I am going to show you how to get involved in the fight.

Now when it comes to a good fight its time you learned some real lessons about how its done. This isn't high school - no one is coming to break it up - this is going to be a knock down, drag out fight and I am talking about the court room.

“...the whole idea of keeping you locked up is to break you down! That's their goal -- its to break your spirit so you simply give up, plead guilty and go to prison... just so they can add your name to the countless others before you to further their careers. It's simply a numbers game and they will win... if you let them”

Understand this, while you are sitting in your cell, or sitting in chow having the corn stolen from your tray; your attorney, the prosecuting attorney, the judge, the jury, your family and everyone else in-between will be at their homes, eating dinner, watching a movie, having sex, using the bathroom by themselves with no one watching or leering at them... the things we take for granted every single day.... all while you waste away...


You can fight the good fight and show them no mercy. Show them that you care about your life and everything that you value and hold dear to your heart!

What's going to motivate you to buy this book?

Want to hold your child's hand as a free man or watch them cry as they leave the visiting room?

Want to try to steal a kiss in front of the guards... or perhaps you'd like to try talking through an inch of glass between you?

Or maybe you deserve a lighter sentence
or deserve probation...


In this manual I am going to show you what its going to take... show you what you need to do... what to know... and of course, what to forget ---

So How Much Does This Information Cost?

Well, first I'd like you to consider what you are about to lose... your freedom, family, possessions and anything else you hold near and dear to your heart. What do you think happens to your belongings if no one is around to box them up? Or what about your mortgage - who is going to pay your mortgage?

The value of what you are about to access is literally priceless as it concerns your very existence on this planet and in a strange world like prison - you must know what to take with you and what to leave behind...

Don't sit there crying and worried about your future...

do something about it right now!

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You are also backed by my personal 60 day Guarantee. If for any Prison Guarantee reason you decide the book is not for you simply return it for a full refund.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by
buying now and reading everything I have
to say - this is a manual for your new life
and you have absolutely everything to gain!

Join the countless number of others who have downloaded this manual and gain the added advantage you'll need to survive the crazy times ahead.

Please Be advised: My Discounted Offer May Expire At Any Time. . .

For me to keep providing this website and to continue to expand on its content, I will soon have to raise the cost by twenty dollars to at least $47.98. If you are at all interested in saving yourself from a nightmare of the unknown, I urge you to download this manual right now! Not only will you save yourself $20 but also a whole lot of future misery.

Get My Book as An Instant Download...NOW!

...But Maybe You Still Have Questions?

Even though I know I'm giving you an incredible discount on my book (over 40%), I also know that $27.98 is a significant investment for a lot of people. Maybe the price is out of reach. Maybe you'll have to borrow from your folks. Listen, I know times are hard... but your future and your freedom depend on it. Believe me, I understand. I was once there - and really, how much is your safety worth?

Listen to me, it's time to get out of any trouble you're in and begin turning your life around RIGHT NOW! This isn't some game - this is your life - possibly a life you'll share with some of the weirdest most dangerous people on the planet. It's time you reach out and get the help you need right now. If you don't, and you turn your back on this opportunity now, then how and when are things going to change for the better in your life? Think about it.

Why Are You Still Reading This?

Decide, and decide right now to get everything I provide you inside my book, "How To Survive in Prison Or Jail" to attain the civility and retain the humanity you so deserve.

Don't hesitate! This is a positive decision you will be very glad you made. I guarantee it.

Click on the link below to get started now and turn your life around...

Why are you still sitting there worried & Wondering about the future... and possibly scared?

OK - get a good cry out and lets
get down to the business at hand,
saving your ass...

Paypal Credit Cards Accepted

Only $27.98 {even if its 2AM!}

To your early release,
Peter Maxwell

P.S.There is no time like the present to get your life in order and really where you believe you need to be - I should know - I was in your shoes only a few short years ago.

P.P.S.Your future depends on what you DO TODAY, in this moment. Not what you put off till tomorrow.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, when you are sitting in a dank cell that smells awful and may be overcrowded with some of the worst people on the planet... you'll have two types of thoughts racing through your head:

  • The way it was
  • The way it could have been... what's it going to be for you?

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